1. Introduction:

wind mills

There are applications where a torque limiting system is requested to protect the complete transmission (drive, coupling and driven machine) against overload in case a transient very high torque occurs .
Typical examples are windmill applications where short circuit torques can occur in the generator.
This is the reason why Esco Couplings N.V has developed an overload protecting system incorporated in the coupling.
The expectations of the equipment designer are the following

A system that will not release the torque below a given value.
A system that will certainly release the torque above a given value.
A system that, when released, shows a continuous transmitted torque.
A system that will automatically re-engage when the overtorque origin has disappeared.
A system that will protect the power chain against overload very accurately, even after long period without overtorque, or after severe and frequent overtorques.

2. ESCO Integrated Overload System:
The ESCO Integrated Overload System is not mounted directly on the shaft, this shows the following advantages:
  Pressure of the mating surfaces does not depend on machine shaft tolerance.
System is calibrated by ESCO on its test bench before being mounted on the machine.
Only ESCO responsibility is involved in the parameters influencing the calibration of the system.
3. ESCO Integrated Overload System experience
Hundreds of EIOS actually successfully in operation. References on request.
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