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CertificatE ISO 9001:2008




Culliganlaan, 3 - 1831 Diegem - Belgium

(tel) + 32 (0) 2 715 65 60
(fax) + 32 (0) 2 720 83 62
e-mail: info@esco-couplings.be

Manufacturer of High quality Couplings   BTW BE 0456 641 653 - 'RPR', Brussel

Esco industrial flexible couplings for rotating equipment :



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Flexible coupling, Disc, Gear, Rail, High Speed
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     elastomeric coupling escogear escorail escospeed Speed
Escodisc Escogear Escorail Escospeed Escoflex
Maintenance free.
Infinite life.
Easy assembly.
No backlash.
Escodisc coupling
High torque/weight ratio.
Multicrown tooth profile.
Escogear coupling.
Special design for trains,
trams and underground
Escorail coupling.
Up to 25.000 rpm.
Reduced moment
and low weight.
For turbines, compressors
and boiler-feed pumps
Escospeed coupling
Classical execution with
rubber or plastic inserts.
Cast iron hub.                 
2 identical hubs.
Escoflex coupling

Last update: February 2015

Due to our long relationship for more that 30 years as licencee of Sier Bath Esco Couplings is well geared up and documented to supply Escogear  couplings as an alternative to Sier Bath but also to Fast, Koppers, Zurn , Amerigear, Waldron ,Dodge TB Woods, Falk, Poole and so many other American and other  brands  as well

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