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Flexible coupling, Disc, Gear, Rail, High Speed
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Optimum industrial flexible disc couplings for rotating equipment :

Maintenance free - Backlash free - Discs in stainless steel - Perfect centering of spacer - Low reactional forces
- Good chemical resistance - No buckling - No fretting corrosion - Disc pack independent from hub

Disc coupling

Single disc version
Torque up to 1600 Nm
Bore: up to 105 mm

Installation and maintenance

Multidisc pack
API 610 Standard
Torque up to 260.000 Nm
Bore: up to 370 mm

Installation and maintenance

Close coupled version with
split spacer
Torque up to 19.800 Nm
Bore: up to 170 mm

Installation and maintenance

Multidisc pack with
Sandwich flange concept
Anti-spark (optional)
API 610 Std, 671 (optional)
Torque up to 23.100 Nm
Bore: up to 220 mm

Installation and maintenance

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