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Esco Couplings N.V. Belgium is amongst the world five first leading industrial flexible gear & disc types coupling manufacturers. Continuous investments in our R & D - Engineering - Manufacturing - Quality control and Services Divisions have allowed the company to supply the "most adapted" coupling for the "job" to many major customers. Esco Couplings N.V. is an ISO 9001 Quality certified company.

. Our couplings have been choosen to connect the most demanding   applications, such as
. Bogie traction motors for train and underground cars
. Steel and non-ferrous rolling mills
. Turbines, compressors and boiler feed pumps
. Packaging & processing machines, etc...

Our accumulated field experiences over the last 50 years, hand in hand with our customers, as well as the development of our engineering knowledge have permitted us to manufacture a complete range of Disc and Gear couplings responding to the many requested challenges which could be resumed as follows: products with:

HIGH TECH QUALITY and EXTENDED LIFE and the capacity to

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